Dave Bishop

Dave started Karate in 1968 under Japanese instructor Hayakana then he went on to train under Japanese Champion Maeda. These names along with Kabayashi were among many back in those days. Training was hard and strict. Sensi would travel up to London to train 3 or 4 times a week and spend that time training with the top Japanese instructors. In 1977 Sensi Bishop opened his first Martial Arts club in Johnson Way Frimley. It started as a small club but steadily grew under the watchful eye of Sensi’s Chief instructor Mick Robbins. Mick was a great influence on Sensi, which has helped him achieve the things he has achieved today. During this time, Sensi Bishop travelled along with his father Bill Bishop twice a week to train under Suzuki. However, circumstances changed and Sensi then started to train under Shiomitsu who was the most influential instructor at that time. After a few years there was a split between Suzuki and Shiomitsu. Sensu Bishop decided to stay with Shiomitsu whilst Sensi’s father trained under Suzuki. There was no bad feeling about this both felt they had done what was best for them. Sensi Bishop then trained hard under Shiomitsu until a disagreement. By this time Sensi Bishop was teaching and competing all over Europe. In 1980 Sensi went to Japan and trained, whilst there he competed in the World Championships. Sensi Bishop was lucky to train under the Very Honoured Ohtsuka, the founder of Wado-Ryu and Sensi also trained with Ohtsuka 2nd, his son. Then along with friends from Italy and Germany, Sensi helped form the A.I.E.K (Association International European Karate), a multi-style federation with no politics and each style learning from the other. Over the years, Sensi Bishop has trained and produced National and European Champions to the highest standard and the A.I.E.K has changed Sensi outlook on Karate for ever.

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